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Seán MacDiarmada
The Mind of the Revolution

Gerard MacAtasney

€20.00 EUR

This detailed, thoroughly researched and fully referenced biography charts the career of the leader, from Kiltyclogher, Co. Leitrim.

In the words of Denis McCullough he was 'the common multiple of all the organisations' who engineered the 1916 Easter Rising which led to Irish independence.

To Michael Collins he was the figure 'tramping through Ireland and preaching the Fenian gospel of a freedom which must be fought for, enrolled recruits and by his pure patriotism and lovable selfless character inspired all with whom he came in contact… Ireland will not see another Seán MacDiarmada.'

According to Darrell Figgis; 'It was Seán MacDiarmada who served the organisation of revolt with a fire that burned in him with a consuming flame.' For a 1916 Volunteer he was simply 'the mind of the revolution.'

This work gives long overdue recognition to Seán MacDiarmada, one of the most significant figures in modern Irish history.

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